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The Cabo San Lucas Arch is a breathtakingly beautiful natural wonder that is an iconic scene in Cabo San Lucas. It is a stunning rock formation that is made up of multi-color rocks that sit against the backdrop of the striking Carribean blue waters. As a watercolor artist, I find the contrast between the colorful rocks and the blue ocean to be a perfect subject for my paintings. The Cabo San Lucas Arch is a must-see attraction that will make a lasting impression on anyone who is fortunate enough to visit. I have taken this picture several times on my many visits to Los Cabos and I never tire of it.

Painting size 9x12

Frames are designed and created by Johnny Simpson, my dad who is a master framer and collects reclaimed wood. These examples are fir, cedar, and oak. Please message me which one you would prefer. My frames do change periodically as they are interchangable with other paintings. They are all beautiful and one of a kind, so you not only purchase an original painting but an original frame also. The watercolor technique I used for this painting was inspired by Paul Clark as was the photo which was much better than the ones I took.k.  

Cabo San Lucas Arch

SKU: 4816
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  • Please message me which frame you would prefer. They are all beautiful and one of a kind. 

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