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This stunning original watercolor depicts a heartwarming scene of a mother giraffe and her baby on the savannah in Africa. The intricate details of the gold and brown tones of their fur, set against the gray blue mountains and acacia trees in the background, make this painting truly captivating. The blue sky shining down on the arid plains creates a serene atmosphere, and the baby giraffe snuggling with her mother adds a touch of tenderness. This painting is a perfect addition to any nursery or children's room, and is sure to bring joy and warmth to any space.


The beautiful frames are designed and created by the artisan Johnny Simpson. He is a master at his craft and the frames are built to last. He creates them from reclaimed wood of all kinds. The paintings and the frames are both originals created by a father-daughter duo.


I use only the highest quality watercolor paper. This painting was created on Arches paper using light fast paints that resist fading.


Photo taken by Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet

Momma Giraffe and Baby in Watercolor

SKU: 052
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  • As with any artwork please do not display in direct sunlight

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