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This stunning watercolor piece captures the beauty and power of a horse in motion. The horse is depicted in full gallop, with its flowing mane and tail creating a sense of movement and energy. The use of bright reddish orange highlights adds a fiery touch to the image, while the deep blue and black shadows lend a sense of depth and contrast. The horse's head is tilted to one side, showcasing its personality and attitude. This piece would make a bold and dynamic addition to any art collection. The blue and orange highlights excited me on this painting.


 Prints are now available! Just message me for prices and sizes. Greeting Card is $5 for one or 5 for $20


Painting Size: 9x12 unframed

One of a kind artwork

Watercolor on 100 percent cotton paper. I use Arches because I love the way it's texture allows me to use many different techniques.

I spray all my watercolor paintings with an acrylic sealant so no need for glass when you frame this painting.

I will ship this artwork in a box securely protected.

I have it backed with foam core for stiffness so it will be ready for you to frame and hang in your home or office


The frames were designed and created by the artisan, Johnny Simpson and any of them will be an exciting addition to your art collection. They are solid wood reclaimed from our environment, both solid and sturdy. The frames are numbered making it easy for you to order the one you love best.

Shipping is free within the continental USA. 

The photo came from pixabay and was inspired by Emily Olson with her permission.

Horse in Motion, Running Horse in WatercolorHo

SKU: 7199
  • Shipping is free within the continental USA>

  • As with any artwork do not display in direct sunlight.

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