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This original watercolor painting features a steam locomotive billowing colorful steam as it pulls into the station on the tracks. The engine has a beautiful green hue that contrasts with the brown passenger cars, and the conductor is at his post, ready to welcome travelers. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition of this painting make it a stunning piece of art that will instantly transform any room.


The frames are created by the artisan Johnny Simpson from reclaimed wood. He is the artist that will make my painting look so beautiful in your home. Please message me and I will send pictures of current frames. They do change as Johnny constantly builds new ones as they sell.


Please choose the frame you would like for your new painting. I will back it and ship it immediately.


I use only the highest quality Arches watercolor paper and lightfast paint. I will seal it and apply a dustcover to the back.


This painting was inspired by the great train artist Howard Fogg (1917-1996)

Train on Tracks, Steam Locomotive in Watercolor

SKU: 0073
  • Free shipping within the continental USA.

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