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Original Framed Gold Finch Bird in Watercolor. Gold Finches are beautiful song birds.

Love and commitment is the symbol for the Gold Finch because they stay faithful to their mates.

They create durable nest and stay with their young until they leave the nest. 


The frame was designed and created by the artisan Johnny Simpson and is included.


The photo was taken by Ron Herron. His bird pictures are amazing. So a big shout out to him.


Shipping is free within the continental USA.


I use the highes quality 100 percent cotton watercolor paper and light fast paints. Your painting comes sealed and includes a dust cover on the back.

Original Yellow Gold Finch Bird in Watercolor, Framed Yellow Finch Painting

SKU: 1011
  • Free shipping within the continental USA.

  • As with any artwork do not place in direct sunlight.

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