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The San Juan Beach is a picturesque scene captured by my artist's lens while stopping for some refreshing coconut water. The sun's rays glistening on the water accentuate the rocks and sandy beach, making it a perfect subject for any watercolor painting. The palm tree in the background adds to the exotic island vibe while providing some much-needed shade. Bring the beauty of San Juan Beach into your home with this stunning watercolor print. 

Painting size 8x10

Frames were disigned and created by my dad Johnny Simpson. He is a master craftsman. You will not only be getting an original painting but also an original frame. Made of reclaimed wood they are all very well made and sturdy.

Shipping is free within the USA.

San Juan Beach

SKU: 4739
  • Free shipping within the USA.

  • I use high quality 100 percent cotton watercolor paper and light fast paints. I seal your painting and back with a dustcover. As with any art work however do not put in direct sunlight.

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