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Katy Paints

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

I met Katy at the Kingwood Club Holiday Vendor market where we were both selling our paintings over the last 3 years. Her beautiful smile is infectious. She lost all her limbs after the birth of her third child due to a flesh eating bacteria. She had to persevere because she had a family of 2 children and a newborn along with her husband. She started back painting and teaching in 2015. Last year she wrote a book about her story. I have linked the amazon site.

Katy tells the Chronicle “I was a painter previous to losing my limbs, so I decided to see if I could still do it,” Hayes said. “I strapped an ace bandage on my right arm, put paintbrushes in the bandage and started painting.

“Not being able to help around the house is a hard spot to be in as a mother of a household where I did everything previously. My art is a way to contribute to the family income, and it’s a talent that people respect enough to support.”

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