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This stunning watercolor painting depicts an African mother gracefully walking down a city street, with her baby securely wrapped on her back. The vibrant blue door of an old stucco building stands out in the background, adding a touch of urban charm to the scene. The mother's traditional Dukas or Geles head wrap and green skirt showcase her cultural heritage and add to the overall beauty of the painting. Measuring 9x12, this piece is perfect for any art lover looking to add a touch of African culture to their home decor.



Painting Size: 9x12 unframed

One of a kind artwork

Watercolor on 100 percent cotton paper. I use Arches because I love the way it's texture allows me to use many different techniques.

I spray all my watercolor paintings with an acrylic sealant so no need for glass when you frame this painting.

I will ship this artwork in a box securely protected.

I have it backed with foam core for stiffness so it will be ready for you to frame and hang in your home or office


I have several different frames available that are custom designed and built by the artisan Johnny Simpson from many types of reclaimed wood. Please message me and we can decide which frame would work best for you together.

African Mother walking by Blue Door in Watercolor 9x12

SKU: 0162
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