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Experience the tranquility of the country with this stunning watercolor painting of a peaceful country lane. The dirt road winds its way through the idyllic countryside, with an old barn nestled amongst the fields and meadows. A large tree casts welcome shade across the lane, creating the perfect spot to stop and take in the stunning blue skies above. This 11x14 watercolor captures the beauty of the countryside in exquisite detail, offering a timeless piece that will add a touch of rural charm to any space.


New: I have greeting cards for sale now.  I have them printed on the highest quality paper and the envelopes are included.


Painting Size: 11x14 

One of a kind artwork.

Original Watercolor on 100 percent cotton paper. I use Arches because I love the way it's texture allows me to use many different techniques.I spray all my watercolor paintings with an acrylic sealant so no need for glass when you frame this painting.I will ship this artwork in a box securely protected.I have it backed with foam core for stiffness so it will be ready for you to frame and hang in your home or office.


Frames were designed and created by the artisan Johnny Simpson from reclaimed wood of all types, including, oak, fir, and cedar.

Barn on Rural Dirt Road in the Country in Watercolor

SKU: 2224
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