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This original watercolor painting captures the beauty of Derwenter's Lake District UK. Boats moored on the sandy shore of a blue lake with muted blue and purple mountains in the background behind a row of trees. The lake is reflecting the blues and pinks of the sky, making the painting a stunningly beautiful piece. A perfect addition to your wall, this original watercolor painting is sure to bring the calming beauty of the lake into your home.


The frames are all custom designed and built by Johnny Simpson, a craftsman extraordinaire. He used reclaimed wood of all types. Choose which one you would like best in your home or office.


Painting size is 11x14 and with the frame is approximately 15x18.


Shipping is free within the continental USA.


This painting was inspired by the photographer Malcom Osman with full permission.

Original Watercolor of Boats at Derwenter's Lake District UK

SKU: 7651
  • Shipping is free within the continental USA.

  • 100 percent cotton watercolor paper Arches.

    Lightfast Paint

    Wood Frame



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