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This stunning watercolor painting depicts a heartwarming scene of a mother rhinoceros and her baby snuggling closely together. The artist expertly captures the animals' unique textures and features, from their wrinkled skin to their distinctive horns. The bright sun casts strong shadows, which highlight the beautiful blues and rust colors of the rhinos' coats. Perfect for any animal lover, this painting is a true work of art that will make a beautiful addition to any home or office.


Prints are now available! Just message me for prices and sizes. Greeting Card is $5 for one or 5 for $20.


Fun Facts:  Rhinoceros can weigh over 3 tons. The name comes from Ancient Greek words: rhino (nose), ceros (horn). Rhinos are big but can run over 30 miles an hour. 


Frame: This original watercolor painting comes with a unique frame made of reclaimed wood by artisan Johnny Simpson. Get yours today and add a touch of beauty and power to your home decor. Message me and I will send you pictures of frames as they change all the time.

A big shout out to Emily Olson for inspiring me to paint these beautiful powerful animals.

Rhinoceros Momma and Baby in Watercolor

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