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Experience the beauty of a day spent at the lake with this stunning watercolor painting by our talented artist. The blue lake is captured perfectly, with its gentle reflections and sailboats gliding across the water. A man on the pier prepares for a day of fishing, while ladies stroll through the park in the background. The white house adds a touch of charm to the scene, and the pink and blue sky creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere. This painting is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, fishing, or simply appreciates the tranquility of a day spent by the water.


Prints are now available! Just message me for prices and sizes. Greeting Card is $5 for one or 5 for $20.


The frames were all created by the artisan, Johnny Simpson out of reclaimed wood of many different kinds: oak, fir, pine.


Shipping is free within the continental USA.


This painting was in the style of Famous American Artist Andy Evansen.

Day at the Lake, A Time to Fish at the Lake in Watercolor

SKU: 0823
  • Shipping is free within the Continental USA>

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