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This stunning watercolor painting captures the beauty of the historic Powder Mills Hotel in East Sussex, UK. The delicate wisteria vines that adorn the entrance of the hotel are masterfully painted, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the scene. The statue at the entrance and the brick-lined driveway provide a sense of grandeur and history to the painting. This piece is framed and ready to hang, making it a perfect addition to any art collection.


Frame was created by the artisan, Johnny Simpson out of reclaimed wood. It looks so good in this dark frame and it will perfect in your home. You will be getting not only an original painting but also an original frame to display. Please contact me which and I will send you pictures of the frames I have in stock.


Painting size: 11x14 and framed is 15x18


I use only high quality cotton watercolor paper and lightfast paints. 


Free shipping within the continental USA.


Inspired by Paul Clark

Powder Mills Hotel, Framed Watercolor Wisteria Vines

SKU: 5472
  • Free Shipping within the continental USA.

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