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This idyllic Watercolor Ranch with Longhorn Cattle is located in Central Texas, close to Kerrville. The rustic ranch house is nestled in a grove of trees, while the Longhorn Cattle graze peacefully in the front. As a proud Texan, I love to capture the beauty of my home state with my watercolor paintings. I hope you enjoy viewing these scenes from my Watercolor Ranch as much as I have enjoyed painting them.

The frames were designed and created by the artisan Johnny Simpson from reclaimed wood. I have them stained with wood tints of cherry, ebony and oak. This gives the painting and different look and one of these will fit into any home decor.

Painting Size 11x14 and framed 15x18 inches.

Shipping is free within the continental USA.


Watercolor Ranch with Longhorn Cattle

SKU: 7552
  • Free Shipping within the continental USA

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