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This exquisite watercolor painting captures the serene beauty of a lone sailboat gliding on a misty lake. The soft hues of blue and gray create a dream-like atmosphere that transports the viewer to a tranquil place. In the background, the majestic mountains add depth and perspective to the scene. The reflection of the sailboat on the still waters of the lake completes the composition, adding a touch of magic to this original artwork. A perfect addition to any art collection, this Watercolor Sailboat on the Misty Lake is a testament to the artist's mastery of the medium.


Prints are now available! Just message me for prices and sizes. Greeting Card is $5 for one or 5 for $20


The frames are designed and created by the artisan Johnny Simpson. He custom makes all my frames and they are all unique. Any of them will highlight the display of your painting in any home decor. So just choose the frame you would prefer and I will ship it out the next day. 


I use only high quality Arches 100 percent cotton watercolor paper and lightfast paints. Your painting will come sealed and with a dustcover on the back for a professional look.


Shipping is free within the continental USA. 


I was inspired by a photo from Christine Richhardson. It was taken at Castle Forbes Bay in Southern Tasmania.

Sailboat on the Misty Lake, Original Watercolor Sailboat

SKU: 7165
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